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"My boys and I ADORE Miss Christy and Music Together®! The classes are such fun, and completely appropriate for my infant as well as my preschooler - NOT an easy feat! The music is really great, and we love that we're able to take the music home so we can live and grow with it, and incorporate it into our daily lives. We're so looking forward to next session!" - Claire 


"Miss Christy offers a wonderful, musical journey for your wee ones! We took many Music Together classes with her in Illinois. She comes to each class filled with joy and prepared to lead you and your child on a physically-engaging, musical experience. You receive two CDs with your music book, one for the car and one for home. The songs are fun for all ages and the song themes coincide with the seasons in which each class is held. "Snow flakes, soft snow flakes, gently are falling."

Miss Christy does her ALL to bring these songs to life for you and your child. You will never forget the time spent learning, laughing, singing, and grooving along with newfound friends. The time with my children and Miss Christy are some of my very best memories of their early years. 
Take a class! You won't regret (finally getting out of the house with those babes) or the time spent making Music Together!" - Alicia 


"Christy Burich and the Music Together program are absolutely top notch. As a former early childhood music teacher, I have to admit I have some pretty high standards when it comes to music programs for young children. Christy's engaging personality and her enthusiasm are matched by her beautiful voice, her sincere respect for children and her deep understanding of child development." - Mary Sue